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Together with the young child you can discover the voice in this musical picture book for young children: what a nice toy!
What are you doing? asks Vivian
I am looking for my voice, says Vince.
Can I help you? asks Vivian.
Okay, says Vince.

They look in, behind and under all kinds of objects. Finally, Vince makes his amazing discovery by putting a bucket over his head and saying silly things into it. Vivian roars with laughter.
Vince finds his voice is a merry musical picture book including a cd, read and sang by Noortje Herlaar (the Dutch Mary Poppins). The cd contains the Dutch version as well as the English version of the story and the songs.

Explore your voice.
You cannot touch or see your voice. So how can you discover it? In Vince finds his Voice young children discover, through play, what their own voices sound like.

They discover their singing voices with the help of four cheerful songs found on the accompanying cd. These songs encourage creative musical play. At the back of the book, you will find, practical and inspiring suggestions for musical activities that can be used at home, in playgroups and in schools.

The pictures were painted by the Dutch artist Monique S. Michel.
The pictures contain a lot to explore!

Vince finds his voice is a colourful picture book, made by Music on the Lap specialists with over 20 years of experience.

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All profits from the sales of this book will go to the Dutch foundation Music on the Lap.

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